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    Home City

    Return to your city of residence from anywhere on the app

  • Conversations


    Share feature to promote self / business / activity / upcoming exhibition / events etc

  • My Page


    Quick access to one’s own Posts, Responses, Shares, Liked Posts, Liked Shares, Update Profile Picture, Change Password etc

  • Search


    Pull out information from past postings and archives using the search feature locally and globally

  • TellaTina A la Carte

    A la Carte

    Interactive Interest groups on different subjects on a global platform

  • Find a friend

    Find a Friend

    Look up other members subscribed to the selected City/A la Carte

  • TellaTina Matrimony

    TellatTina Matrimony

    An exclusive and private forum for members looking for serious marriage alliance

  • Add a Friend

    Recommend a Friend

    Recommend friend /family / colleague for becoming a member on TellaTina... Approval only after strict curation

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    Switch City

    Switch to any of the available cities and participate in the local chat or seek local help

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    Select Category

    View posts by category to find information for the selected topic