Founder & CEO - Chanda Surana

Founder & CEO - Chanda Surana

When the only daughter of an iconic producer, Chanda Barjatya Surana thought of taking technology into her entrepreneurial hands and doing something worth her while with it, there was absolutely no looking back. And thus her debut app – TellaTina was born; a safe and trusted clique of compatible friends across the globe looking to share and seek helpful information on anything they require.

A passionate love for the arts and a creative bent of mind runs in the Barjatya genes. The only daughter of the late Rajkumar Barjatya and grand daughter of late Mr. Tarachand Barjatya, founder of India’s pioneer production houses, Rajshri Productions was born and bred in Mumbai. Chanda grew up in a beautifully cultured joint family. HER lineage and heritage have been a source of inspiration. Being the younger sibling in a big joint family, she idolized her elder brother, the legendary filmmaker 'Sooraj Barjatya.' A trained Kathak and Odissi dancer successfully completed her certifications in the piano and tabla as well. Chanda is a commerce graduate from Sydenham College, Mumbai. She was also involved in the family’s business for a short while. She has written 2 film scripts under the guidance and encouragement of her father.

Married into the prestigious Surana family who are the proud torchbearers of a 300 year old legacy of being the royal jewellers since the city of Jaipur was founded by Maharaja Jai Singh. The Suranas pioneered the ‘Jaipur Jadau’ style of jewellery making, and are also the proud owners of the iconic 'Raj Mandir Cinema' in Jaipur. Post marriage, Chanda moved to New York and was based there for 14 years. The family finally moved back to India on account of taking care of family business and their heritage. Chanda is now settled in Mumbai with her sons while the rest of the family stays in Jaipur.

Founder & CEO - Chanda Surana

After etching her mark in the design industry as a creative jewellery designer for House of Surana, Chanda moved on to explore and see where her drive and passion would point her to next. This exploration of finding the wind beneath her wings, led her to launch her first initiative - ‘Sudhasugandh', which was Chanda’s way of paying obeisance to her late mother Sudha and empowering the ‘Indian housewife’ by curating an exhibition of their homemade culinary skills to the world in beautifully customized packages. The products comprised traditional Indian savouries and sweets, all homemade and natural, free of preservatives, chemical and artificial colouring. These beautiful packages made excellent gifts and also served as a great confidence booster and upped the financial standing of the Indian housewife and brought back to everyday life, long forgotten Indian recipes. Chanda used and ensured tradition was her tool in empowering and raising modern Indian women.

Being a people’s person, Chanda has always been a pillar of support and comfort to her sons, nieces and nephews. TellaTina began with various resource groups that Chanda had started in various cities to stay connected as a family and be able to help one another. TellaTina has been live for 18 months now.
Due to its high profile membership, no cell numbers or email addresses are disclosed on the app. TellaTina recently launched GLOBAL interest groups on varied subjects such as spirituality, dream analysis, finance etc. TellaTina ’s advisory board and panel of experts boasts of renowned names with years of experience and expertise in their respective fields.

TellaTina has been a resounding success and Chanda is already motivated to launch a few more apps, currently in their developmental stages. TellaTina too, in the near future will undergo a face lift. Chanda lights up as she talks of her labour of love,” It’s beautiful to see that how TellaTina has grown and the new UI (User Interface) is superb in all manners. We will be launching “new interest groups” as well with this new version.”

Chanda states that her real life experiences were very handy whilst launching TellaTina and today TellaTina embodies her innate nature and spirit by being a unique platform of pure helpful energy that generates responses from first hand experiences by its members, in order to help another. There are no biases, no cuts or commissions, nor any vested interests by anybody on this platform. TellaTina ’s underlying principle is based on the fact that if you get help, you will want to help. It is a chain reaction of positive humanitarianism and generosity of spirit.

TellaTina, a global app of an elite community;
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