Can anyone download and use the App? Open or Close

TellaTina is a 'By-invite only' global resource of like-minded people. Membership is only by referral by an existing TellaTina member.

Can I download the App on my phone? Open or Close

The App is available for all Android and IOS Phones.

What are the links to download the app? Open or Close

What is the process of Logging in? Open or Close

Once the referred friend is vetted and approved by the Administrators, they will get an email with the log in information. The new user will have to download the app and then log in into the app by entering the details exactly as provided in the Email.

Do I have to buy the Mobile App? Open or Close

No. Our Mobile App is completely free to download and install.

How current is the account information I see in the Mobile App? Open or Close

The information you see in the Mobile App is shown in real-time, so it is always current. However, if you keep the Mobile App open for an extended period of time, you should refresh the page by navigating to some other option in order to ensure the app is updated with the recent information.

Can private messages be sent on the app? Open or Close

No. Private messages are not allowed on the app. The aim of TellaTina is to develop a safe and trustworthy platform for sharing information, which will benefit the maximum number of people.

Can messages be deleted on the app? Open or Close

Messages of only the last 3 months are stored on the app. The older messages will automatically be deleted from the app. In case you wish to have any query or response posted by you to be deleted then please write to support@tellatina.com. We shall review and do the needful

How much data is stored on the phone? Open or Close

The messages for only past 3 months is stored on the app.